Introductory – Accredited Courses

These courses represent an entry level qualification which you will be able to use to start working as a freelance interpreter either face to face or over the phone. Look into the course descriptions to learn about the differences between them and choose the best fit for you.


Course Name Course Description Length Price Format

Level 3 Certificate In Community Interpreting

Ascentis Awarding Body

Widely accepted as the entry level interpreting qualification, you will learn about the role of a freelance interpreter and choose a minimum of two areas in which to specialise.Available across the UK, it uses a blended learning style including a combination of assessment methods chosen by you and tailored to your unique needs. Learn more Average 6 months £595 Blended

Level 3 Certificate In Community Interpreting 

 A classroom version of our popular entry level interpreting qualification. Learn more


 3-4 months £595