The UK’s Regulator of Public Service Interpreting Recognises ISL’s DPSI Qualification for Interpreters

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The International School of Linguists (ISL) Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) qualification, has been recognised by the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) as meeting the strict qualifications element of its registration criteria. Those who complete the qualification successfully will not only possess the level of accreditation needed to apply to become an NRPSI Registered Interpreter, but are also assured of possessing the level of interpreting certification needed to undertake complex and specialised Government work.

ISL’s aim is to increase the number and quality of linguists who are available to deliver language services to the police, courts, probation service, prisons, Home Office and other vital public services.

NRPSI is a not-for-profit body that regulates the interpreting profession in the UK.  In addition to maintaining the UK’s National Register of Public Service Interpreters, NRPSI upholds interpreting professional standards. It does this by recognising the qualifications and experience needed to become a professional interpreter, via its Professional Code of Conduct and by investigating any complaints made about a Registered Interpreter’s conduct or competence.

ISL is making its DPSI qualification more affordable and increasing the frequency of examinations to every month. The qualification is available from anywhere in the UK, in over 200 languages and delegates can pay using a variety of payment plans.

NRPSI Executive Director Stephen Bishop says: “NRPSI is pleased to recognise ISL’s DPSI qualification as meeting a key aspect of its strict registration criteria, which are based on the knowledge and experience interpreters need to work effectively in public service settings. The addition of this qualification provides even greater opportunity to those linguists who wish to become qualified interpreters and registered professionals.

“The National Register of Public Service Interpreters plays a unique role in upholding professional interpreting standards in the UK. Many public sector organisations require their linguists to be registered because this guarantees that they are sufficiently qualified, experienced and employ best practice.”

General Manager of ISL, Nick Hill, says: “ISL’s aim is to increase the number and quality of linguists who are available to support vital public services, so we are delighted that our DPSI qualification has been recognised by NRPSI – the standard-bearer for public service interpreting in the UK.

“This is good news for linguists who now have more choice about where they obtain their accredited qualifications and it is also good news for public sector users who will have more access to high-quality linguists.”

ISL was established in 2010 as a provider of training and testing that specialises in the language services industry. Over the last eight years, we have grown to become the UK’s leading provider of interpreter qualifications and deliver quality provision to hundreds of students.

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