The Importance of CPD: Why is there a need for it?

What CPD stands for

Maybe you have come across the acronym CPD, but you are not sure what it stands for. CPD means “Continuous professional development”. CPD is vital for all interpreter and translators, novices and professionals alike – no matter what stage they are at in their career.

Why is CPD important?

Continuing professional development is essential because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession. Aside from learning about something new, there are many reasons to undertake CPD. Learning should not stop once a formal qualification in interpreting or translation is obtained. CPD is perfect for self-employed interpreters like you, as it can be done flexibly around your professional commitments and current work assignments.

Who is CPD for?

CPD is not just for the ‘rare language status’ like we’ve seen this in the past, where interpreters with rare languages could not sit exams and as such, they had to show that they are up to do date with professional development. Nowadays, all linguists should work towards obtaining regular CPD.


Why ISL – International School of Linguists?

ISL – International School of Linguists is passionate and serious about all their CPD courses. Each CPD created is well planned, with lots of thought, systematic planning and plenty of research put into it. Please keep checking our website, Facebook and the LinkedIn page (ISL – International School of Linguists) for regular updates.


What are the advantages of CPD?

  • Helps interpreters/translators build knowledge and confidence in particular themes and potentially could raise their comprehension and awareness
  • The world of interpreting is very fluid and reactive and it is essential for all professionals to keep up-to-date with latest developments, techniques and best practice;
  • It keeps interpreters/translators dynamic and keeping up with the pace of current developments; otherwise, they could become static and not aware what the world is moving towards.
  • CPD can give you fresh knowledge that may help you to deal with new or complex situations (Police, Courts, medical environment); it can help you achieve your career goals by focusing on learning and development;
  • will give you confidence in your role and demonstrates your commitment to developing your skills and knowledge.
  • The main benefit of doing CPD is boosting your interpreting career.

ISL advice is to keep track of all your completed CPD achieved during each year. It is essential to add any CPD in the additional section of your CV in order to demonstrate competence.

For upcoming CPD sessions, please check out the ISL website.