10 good reasons why you should study a Level 6 interpreting qualification (with ISL!)

As compiled by current and former ISL students

Why should you invest in a Level 6 interpreting qualification?

  1. It is the highest possible interpreting qualification you can achieve

2. You can work as an interpreter for the Police, Courts, Immigration and Prison systems, as well as within the community (NHS, social services, local government, education, etc.)

3. You will be regarded as a preferred interpreter even for your normal community jobs, which means more work opportunities

4. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the different settings and interpreting techniques, even if you are an experienced interpreter

5. It allows you to do written translation work – an extra income stream, key for any ‘linguistic entrepreneur’

6. It is prerequisite to registering with NRPSI

7. You will get higher earnings – most agencies work with interpreter bands based on qualifications and the Level 6 will automatically place you in the top band

8. You will be able to take on private clients and work independently of agencies, if you wish.

And why should you study the Level 6 qualification with ISL?

9. You can spread the cost by paying in instalments

10. There is a variety of tutor support available (the Level 6 DCI offers 1:1 tutor support, as well as weekly Q&A sessions, whilst the Level 6 DPSI comes with optional 1:1 tutor sessions and/or 1:1 Language Specialist support)

11. (bonus reason) It also gives you an opportunity to become a potential Linguist observer/Assessor for other learners, new interpreters.

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