Continuous Professional Development

Calling all UK Interpreters

We are heading towards a new CPD Future – which means there are going to be contractual requirements from Public and Private Sector for interpreters to undertake regular CPD in order to access high profile and complex jobs.  

Don’t miss out on high profile jobs and complex assignments – we want YOU to be ready for this new journey!  

With our attendees in mind, we are focusing on 2 different forms of CPD:

Topical CPD – so you can benefit from webinars presented by professionals closely connected to the role of self-employed linguists e.g. APCI, NRPSI, tax, insurance… . The topical CPD is relevant to the industry and the type of business interpreters run. It displays a clear message about what is happening in the world that affects current interpreters. It signifies the most relevant, foundation knowledge necessary to start and maximise your career as a freelance translator or interpreter.

Setting-specific CPD – with the exact terminology related to the Public or Private Sector, namely: Police, Courts, NHS (to include linguistic glossaries on subjects such as: human trafficking, assault, battery, mental health…). Setting-specific CPD comes with an accredited certificate and will count towards your annual CPD attendance quota, requested at the registration stage by an agency or client.

What kind of sessions can you expect?

We recently welcomed 2 guests: Mr Alan Thompson & Ms Albina Homer from The Association of Police and Court Interpreters (APCI). The webinar was focused on the APCI Association and key challenges that interpreters face in current times.  

The key areas highlighted: 

  • the significance of qualified, experienced, registered and vetted interpreters  
  • promotion of the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct and excellence 
  • guidance on best practice 
  • the importance of continuing professional development (CPD)  

We had dozens of participants engage in this webinar followed by an informative Q&A session. 

Why should you join our CPD sessions?

9 out of 10 participants would recommend our CPD webinars. The feedback we received on a variety of sessions is very positive:

Interpreter: ‘It was a great experience and I am definitely going to continue’ 

Learner: ‘Everything in this webinar was explained well, with good examples and very valuable information. I would suggest that the voice quality could be better’ 

Anonymous: ‘Very good webinar. Could you please provide some sessions on home office system work and the different applications. Thank you’ 

Interpreter: ‘Great information and the speaker was really kind and he exceeded the time. Thanks’ 

Anonymous: ‘Great opportunity to understand how the Association of Police and Court Interpreters works… 

Most recently, we ran our live CPD seminar about ‘Tax returns: Accounting for the self-employed’, which was extremely well received. The feedback from linguists reflected the importance of staying up-to-date with constantly changing finance criteria and rules. It also presented the key aspects of running your own accounts to include: allowances, business calculations and expenses.

We hold regular CPD sessions on various subjects on a monthly basis. Some are FREE of charge – don’t miss out!

To see what is coming up, visit:

To summarise:

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a combination of learning approaches and techniques that will help you manage and develop your current linguistic disciplines and further your career. The focus of CPD is firmly on results and the benefits that professional development can bring you in the real world.  

  • achieve recognition for linguistic accuracy and proficiency 
  • prove your language competency – increase your confidence 
  • stay up-to-date with Public Service standards, Legal Acts & procedures 
  • gain official CPD certificates 

PLUS…Keep your eyes peeled!

We will soon be launching an exciting CPD service for ISL members, learners and language professionals.  

Register on our website now and get ready take part in our online events, which will include:  

  • language-specific forums 
  • live seminars presented by experts skilled in select, relevant professions (Court, Police, NHS) 
  • partnership webinars with precise linguistic knowledge and terminology 

We will be emailing all our linguists with an update about the CPD subscription service shortly. In the meantime, if we can assist you with anything else or for more information, call us on 0203 475 7771,

Email or visit