Microblog: Introduction to Offensive Weapons

Welcome to our new series of micro-blogs. In these posts, we will highlight the key messages that came out of our live CPD events to bring to you an idea of the types of content we cover.

Introduction to Offensive Weapons

Delivered by Martyn Mordecai, a highly experienced trainer and former police officer. He spent over a decade in the Metropolitan Police in various Operational posts, including the Firearms Unit and Diplomatic Protection.

Martyn has also served as Head of Training for the Police Federation of England and Wales, delivering training to over 2000 individuals. Currently, Martyn works as a trainer for Driver Education, delivering various National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme Courses and Drink/Drive Rehabilitation Courses.

Key messages from this session:

  • The term “offensive weapon” is defined as: “any article made or adapted for use to cause injury to the person, or intended by the person having it with him for such use”.
  • It shall be a defence for a person to prove that they had the article:
    • For use at work
    • Religious reasons
    • Part of National Dress
  • Carrying a knife is a crime and if caught you will be charged and reported. You may also be fined or imprisoned for up to 4 years or both.
  • If a person has a golf club and they start to use it in a threatening way, intending to cause injury, then the golf club would be classed as an offensive weapon.

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