Offences involving drugs

How many of the interpreters out here within our community have been asked to attend a police assignment on the topic of drugs in the last six months? How about in the last three months? Or even in the last month or week?

Offences involving drugs is one of the most frequently requested assignments where police require the support of interpreters. How strong is your drugs game? How confident are you about the terminology which is used? How much do you know about the legislature which surrounds drugs offences?

Chances are, you may know a little bit, mainly from police TV programmes and whatever terminology you’ve picked up from your Level 6 course and prior assignments. But is this really good enough when it comes to interpreting during a police interview under caution?

As interpreters, we should know as much as possible about the topic we are interpreting. It is no longer an excuse to say, ‘but no one ever taught me’. The resources are here, and they are available with access 24/7.

Created with the help of the police themselves, formatted into modern looking, user-friendly e-learning – there is no reason why we shouldn’t know all there is to know about this offence type.

Watch this taster video and see exactly the type of content we have built – for YOU!

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