CPD Central – Training, Webinars and Seminars for Interpreters


The essential CPD bundle for all
public service interpreters!

• 10 e-learning courses
• ITOL-accredited certificates complete with CPD points
• Knowledge tests to demonstrate understanding
• Focus on key laws and


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The only CPD you’ll need for community interpreting!

• 13 e-learning courses
• Free access to 25+ online CPD events
• Knowledge tests and ITOL-accredited certificates
• Seminars led by industry experts
• Focus on community settings


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The complete CPD bundle for all interpreters working across all settings!

• Over 20 e-learning courses
• Free access to 50+ online CPD events
• Knowledge tests and ITOL-accredited certificates
• Police, Court & Community focused
• Seminars led by industry experts


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What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a way of enabling professional interpreters to continue learning and developing throughout their careers, in order to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date and to be able to work safely and effectively. The Police, MoJ, NHS and many other Public Sector services are increasingly requesting that linguists present proof of active CPD, in order to demonstrate competence and perform in high profile and complex jobs.

Why choose CPD Central?

  • Gain official CPD certificates
  • Fulfil the new CPD requirements for your Public Service employer / Agency
  • Achieve recognition for linguistic accuracy and proficiency and build up your confidence
  • Prove your language competency – increase your working demand
  • Stay up-to-date with Public Service standards, legal Acts & procedures

CPD Central Summary

CPD Central contains a combination of learning approaches and techniques that will help you manage and develop your current linguistic disciplines and further your career. The focus of CPD Central is firmly on results and the benefits that professional development can bring to you.

By signing up to our CPD Central subscription system, you can easily demonstrate to Language Service Providers / Agencies that you are not only committed to furthering and expanding your knowledge – what’s more, you will be able to prove it through the presentation of ITOL-accredited CPD certificates. You will also build on your awareness of general topics across all sectors, including Gov’t Standards, Legal Acts & Procedures, as well as develop your terminology within sector-specific areas (police, medical, social services, etc). Focused CPD presents new work opportunities, builds up your confidence and opens the path to professional networking and new clients.

Finally, you can be confident that your skills and knowledge are being kept sharp and up-to-date, allowing you to be the best possible interpreter as you can be!

To find out more, please select a subscription bundle above, call us now on 0203 475 7771 or contact info@islinguists.com!