CPD webinar: ‘Interpreting in Asylum Settings’

£4.99 inc. VAT

Pre-recorded webinar delivered by qualified solicitor Agnes Tomasikiewicz.

Following the webinar, you will be provided with:
  • the PowerPoint presentation
  • a Certificate of Attendance
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How comfortable are you with terminology and legislation when it comes to Asylum?

Do you ever feel out of your depth in these kinds of assignments?

Have you considered not accepting an assignment as you’re not quite 100% confident?

Are you worried about the consequences of interpreting incorrectly?

There is no need to be worried! ISL have teamed up with INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS to bring you a CPD event covering these areas!

The objective of this CPD event is:

  • To increase personal, professional and practical knowledge coupled with understanding terminology used in Court assignments
  • To understand the terms and procedures used during the such assignments
  • To accurately interpret, translate and demonstrate fluent use of terminology


The content in this CPD event is created and delivered by a qualified solicitor and interpreter with significant experience of working in this setting!

PLUS – take a Knowledge Test and obtain a Certificate of Attendance!