CPD Central Expert Bundle incl. PAIT-approved Police training

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A must-have PAIT-approved training bundle for any Court or Police interpreter with NO MINIMUM SUBSCRIPTION TERM!

Includes free access to all Coffee, Chats and CPD events!

Your bundle will contains a mixture of online e-learning, specialist glossaries, tests and FREE access to ISL’s seminars!

  • Over 20 e-learning courses on topics like Social Services, Drugs Offences, Asylum etc, complete with tests, glossaries and Certificates of Attendance
  • Over 50 pre-recorded webinars on topics such as Bail, Simultaneous Interpreting, Emergency Calls (999/111) and many more, including PAIT-approved Criminal Offences Workshops created by a police trainer!

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Sign up now and get immediate access to a whole year’s worth of PAIT-approved training materials and resources!

The Expert bundle is suitable for aspiring and qualified Level 6 interpreters working within all sectors, including Police and Court. The bundle contains access to training on a large range of topics from community interpreting to legal setting, plus PAIT-approved Police training!

On top of this, you will receive exclusive access to our Police and Court e-learning. We have 6 high-level offence-based e-learning courses (covering topics such as Introduction to Police Interpreting, Drugs Offences, Offences Against Children, Murder etc.). These come with a full glossary of terms, knowledge test and a Certificate of Attendance. In addition, there are 14 further e-learning modules on a range of topics.

We also provide in excess of 50 pre-recorded webinars and presentations on essential topics such as Bail, Human Trafficking, and the journey From Offence to Conviction (all with glossaries and supporting material).

Full content of the Expert Bundle

PAIT-Accredited Training

  1. Driving Offences
  2. Murder Manslaughter
  3. Theft
  4. Going Equipped to Steal
  5. Public Order Offences
  6. Introduction to Drink Drive
  7. Domestic Violence
  8. Offensive Weapons
  9. Misuse of Drugs
  10. Harassment
  11. Sexual offences
  12. Burglary
  13. Introduction to Charging
  14. Asylum
  15. Dealing with Trauma
  16. Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery
  17. Assault and Battery
  18. Interpreting Bail Assignments
  19. Code of Conduct
  20. Highway Code
    Non- PAIT-Accredited Training
  21. Tribunals
  22. Simultaneous Interpreting
  23. Interpreting In Family Courts
  24. From Offence to Conviction
  25. Court Processes and Procedures
  26. Interpreting in Family Law
  27. Freelancing
  28. Youth Justice
  29. Immigration
  30. Housing: Eviction
  31. Pre-Op and Post-Op Processes
  32. Pre-Op and Pre-Scan Questionnaires
  33. Interpreter Well-being (in remote interpreting)
  34. Common Symptoms at the GP/A&E
  35. Hearing, Speech & Language Therapy
  36. Anaesthesia and Sedation
  37. Interpreting in Children’s Community Health Services
  38. Emergencies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  39. Interpreting Physiotherapy Assignments
  40. Urology and Gynaecology Processes and Procedures
  41. Journey Through the Care System
  42. Note-taking Skills
  43. Interpreting in Mental Health
  44. Interpreting for Children’s Services
  45. Interpreting in Housing
  46. Interpreting in Welfare Benefits
  47. Interpreting in Adult Social Services
  48. Interpreting in CAMHs
  49. Interpreting in Diabetes
  50. Emergency calls (999 and NHS 111)
  51. Interpreting in Challenging Situations
  52. Pain Relief During Childbirth
  53. Health Visitor Home Visits
  54. Keeping Safe as a Medical Interpreter
  55. Interpreting Infertility Assignments
  56. Infections in Children
  57. Vaccines in the UK

PAIT-Accredited E-learning

  1. Offences Involving Drugs
  2. Offences Against Children
  3. Serious Offences – Murder
  4. Sexual Offences
  5. Offences Involving Dishonesty
  6. Health and Safety for Interpreters
  7. GDPR for Interpreters
  8. Safeguarding for Interpreters
  9. Equality and Diversity for Interpreters
  10. Interpreting in Challenging Situations
  11. Code of Conduct for Interpreters
  12. Interpreter Well-being
  13. Modern Slavery for Interpreters
  14. Introduction to Police Interpreting

Non- PAIT-Accredited E-learning

  1. A Child’s Journey Through Placement
  2. Interpreting for the Asylum Setting
  3. Interpreting in Social Services
  4. Video Remote Interpreting
  5. Telephone Interpreting

Free Access to Coffee, Chat and CPD seminars for all Expert subscribers

If you choose the Expert Bundle, you will also get FREE ACCESS to any Coffee, Chat and CPD seminar ISL provide for the duration of your subscription! Please refer to the CPD Calendar for an up-to-date list of live events.

There really is no end to the benefits our subscription system can provide!

Why should you sign up?

• The Expert bundle provides you with at least 12 months’ worth of CPD hours, as advised by LSPs and agencies
• For any CPD that comes with a test, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance
• You will also receive a certificate for any pre-recorded CPD webinar you attend
• Blended learning ensures that the material we provide is varied, engaging and covers all different aspects of further education