Level 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) Law

The Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) Law is a Level 6 interpreting qualification. The DPSI is a nationally recognised qualification that is widely regarded as the Gold standard for Interpreters, along with the Level 6 DCI. It is accepted and requested nationwide by Interpreter clients and Language Service providers.

Interpreters with this qualification provide a consistent high standard of Public Service Interpreting and as a linguist you will be able to gain, and be eligible for, the highest level Interpreting jobs.

Alongside the DPSI exam, we also offer a variety of preparation courses, preparation material and a ‘mock’ exam.

The full list of languages supported can be found here: List of languages available at ISL

DPSI exams are offered MONTHLY (as a guide, the exam dates are at the start of each calendar month) and take place REMOTELY. The awarding body requires registration for the exam at least 10 working days before the exam is due to take place, so please ensure you book your slot in advance. DPSI results can take up to 2 months to be issued.


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