Learner Feedback

Vanya Dimitrova – Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting (tutor-led), Graduated 2023

‘It is really a comfortable way of studying, that perfectly fits with anybody’s working schedule.’

Natalia Rola – Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting (exam only), Graduated 2023

‘A fantastic experience, well constructed topics and super easy to go through at home!’

Deepali Gaonkar – Level 7 Diploma in Translation, Graduated 2023

‘I had such an enriching experience studying at ISL. Very supportive staff. I got all the assistance that I needed. Thank you’

Narges Fateh – Level 6 Diploma in Community Interpreting, Graduated 2023

‘My special thanks to all of you at ISL for helping me to carry on with the course and finish this course. This is worth every penny I spent. I couldn’t have done it any other way; I learnt a lot.’

Mohamed Azihari – Level 7 Dip Trans, Graduated 2023

‘You are very efficient people. Extension period with a special price, payment by instalments and above all your responsiveness in everything make it most pleasant to be an ISL student.
The strict way the exam is invigilated and assessed is really reassuring. This is the diploma I am most proud of.’

Carmen Garlea – Level 6 DPSI, Graduated 2023

‘I enjoyed my learning experience with ISL, both for CPD training courses, but also for DPSI. I managed to systematise knowledge, information and became more confident in the areas trained for.
Also I found the materials and training with ISL particularly useful and well structured and also I encountered a warm, encouraging environment.
I would recommend ISL to anyone with a learning desire and looking for a fruitful experience.’

Rzhwan Amin – Level 6 Diploma in Community Interpreting, Graduated 2022

Words might not be enough to express how grateful I am with ISL and its professionals such as Pam Kaur, Nikola David and others. They were all, indeed, extremely supportive and kind. Suffice to say this, I will recommend my peers and colleagues to join ISL’s CPDs course.’

Bashir Alarefi – Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting, Graduated 2022

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the relentless efforts with me, you are always there when I needed help because I have learnt a lot . Of course I experienced some difficulties and time pressure. My tutor is patient enough to take me through all that. Thanks to Pam and Role Play team. I would like to end by saying this course is a must have for anyone wants to become an interpreter because they can gain fluency, enhance confidence and become more professional.’

Carmen Garlea – Level 6 DPSI (Law), Graduated 2022

‘The materials for preparation were complex, and I’m very satisfied that my effort was rewarded. I’m very grateful for the materials that helped me in my work as an interpreter, but I also made a lot of research to help me prepare for the DPSI.
The course was really well structured and offered a lot of insight into the fields studied. I also felt as part of a family, due to previous courses with ISL and the Manager also had a supportive attitude, along with the staff involved in the exam. A big thank you and keep on the good work.’

Mentor Breshanaj – Level 7 Diploma in Translation, Graduated 2022

‘Highly recommended, very professional.’

Ruben Flores Oquendo – Level 6 Diploma in Community Interpreting, Graduated 2021

‘I would like to thank you and all the staff who were involved in this, my most sincere and deep thanks for the hard work done to help me achieve this goal. I should particularly mention the hard work done by my mentor and tutor, who, in a very positive and inspiring way guided me, encouraged me and made things easier for me. But also, I cannot fail to mention all the other staff, who at the time during the course, have left a very deep and positive mark, for which I have deep appreciation and gratitude as well. I can just say thank you, thank you so much for everything!’

Tatiana Gafitsa – Level 6 Diploma in Community Interpreting, Graduated 2021

The assessor was a great help and a good advisor in directing me in the right way, which facilitated my progress. With their guidance to meet the required criteria, writing the assignments was a piece of cake. I appreciate their role in boosting my progress and motivation, and for every effort they had made to assist me in gaining my qualification.​

Alsharif Abogsesa – Level 6 DPSI (Law), Graduated 2020

The ISL was highly professional, supportive and knowledgeable. The online preparation course was really informative within the legal sector. I found the materials very useful, concise, easy to follow and additional resources such as links, videos, that provided excellent insight into the subject matter.​

Kara Faith – Level 3 Community Interpreting Certificate, Graduated 2020

I have recently completed Community Interpreting Level 3. I wanted to thank you ISL team for absolutely fantastic and extremely informative course, your help and support.
My tutor always replied to my email, and she was happy to answer any questions. This is an online course, but make no mistake, my tutor and language specialist were quite strict, and always wanted the assignment to be done to the highest standards. Role play assignments and Sight translations were done over the Skype. Again, very professional process (very stressful for me, as I have never communicated through the Skype before, so if you have an opportunity – practice, practice, practice!).
Overall, I am very satisfied with the whole experience, and should I have an opportunity in the future, I will definitely choose ISL again!

Jose Rodriguez-Olveira- DPSI, Graduated 2019

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all at ISL for the support and encouragement I received during my course. I enjoyed every minute of it and it helped me refresh my knowledge and acquire new skills for my professional development. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to start training as an interpreter. Throughout the course and the role plays, I gained the confidence and the practice to start on a new path in my professional life.​

Maria Alejandra Patritti Isasi – Level 3 Community Interpreting Certificate, Graduated 2020

‘I would like to thank the ISL institute for always being there!​ The course is very well structured with different modules which give you the material and vocabulary to go through it, doing the assignment fluently.​ I am very happy to have finished the Community Interpreting Level 3 course in only four months. ​I think this is a great opportunity for everyone that is able to speak two languages to take this course and have the possibility to have a new job in the near future.

Rzhwan Jaf – Level 6 DCI, Graduated 2020

My interpreting background goes back to 2010. I have interpreted for many agencies in the UK and abroad. I undertook DCI Level 6 with ISL in March 2019 and I successfully finished the course in September 2019. I have to confess, despite my interpreting experience, I’ve learned many valuable information and I progressed immensely. Without any shadow of doubts, I recommend DCI Level 6 course, it is very useful course for any linguist and the qualification is a recognised equivalent to DPSI.
Once again, many thanks to everyone in ISL and especially Pam Kaur.
ISL indeed consists of a bunch of PROFESSIONALS.

Nilufer Mahmutyaziciogui – Level 3 Community Interpreting Certificate, Graduated 2020

Extremely helpful course full of useful tutorials, role plays and written assessments. A full support is provided during the leaning journey. I would definitely recommend it to enhance the knowledge and progress in the interpreting career.’

Alisa Jeruconoka – Level 6 DCI, Graduated 2020

Extremely helpful course full of useful tutorials, role plays and written assessments. A full support is provided during the leaning journey. I would definitely recommend it to enhance the knowledge and progress in the interpreting career. Ref: Level 6 Diploma in Community Interpreting.

Azad Gelly – Level 6 DCI, Graduated 2020

Many thanks to the ISL staff and an exceptional thank you to Ms Pam Kaur for all the support and highly professional assistance she offered me during the course, I very much appreciate this.
I completely enjoyed the course and I fully recommend the DCI Level 6 course to all future prospective learners. I am definitely considering enrolling in another course with this school in the future.

Dalia Baksaityte – Level 6 DCI, Graduated 2016

‘I enrolled in the Community Interpreting course in 2015 and completed it successfully in 2016. The course enabled me to do what I always wanted, to keep my own language skills and develop English skills while enabling other parties to communicate. I am glad I gained this qualification as more and more language service providers are demanding it. As a result of this qualification I have a better pay rate and solid foundation for the DPSI qualification if I decide to obtain it. After completing my Interpreters qualification I decided to take another course, (Assessing Competence in the Work Environment), with the same school. I have to admit the tutorial work is far more clear, straightforward and supportive. I am really enjoying this course! Or maybe I just learned how to study in the distance learning environment!? Distant learning can be quite frustrating at times, if you are unfamiliar with it as there is no instant contact and you have to wait for your assessor to come back to you either via email, prearranged phone or Skype meeting. But once you are getting used to it, it is much more comfortable than class learning. Most importantly the personnel at ISL are very helpful.’

Alla Sliwinska – Level 3 Community Interpreting Certificate & Level 6 DCI, Graduated 2018

An absolute 100% of “YES YES” I have just finished my second qualification (Level 3 CI and Level 6 DCI) both very valuable and enjoyable. The level 6 DCI qualification, its structure all written assignment commands got me through very interesting research project and I attained a relevant vocabulary and skills before stepping in the field of law interpreting. Cannot wait to receive my certificate to apply for NRPSI’s membership and embark on my journey as a FULLY QUALIFIED INTERPRETER. I would like to thank all ISL’s staff for providing and creating such an amazing training centre’.