What is Linguist Quality Assurance?

Linguist Quality Assurance (QA) services provided by International School of Linguists (ISL) are designed to help our customers maintain a database of professional linguists with high standards and most up-to-date industry knowledge, in order to demonstrate compliance and competency to their existing and potential customers.

QA is a necessary way of preventing mistakes and defects as well as avoiding problems when delivering specific linguistic services to customers. ISL has over a decade of experience and a proven track record in providing innovative support for linguists and developing interpreting standards throughout the UK and overseas.

Many translators and interpreters rely on their experience and qualifications. However, can you as an organisation, guarantee that the suppliers of your linguistic services possess qualifications and meet the minimum criteria for a  particular level to meet your contractual obligations? How can you be sure that your linguists are performing their role with the proficiency and specific terminology that is required?

At ISL, we fully understand the importance of clients being supplied with competent and qualified interpreters.

We provide tailored, ITOL-accredited and sector-specific QA assessments of your pool of linguists!

What is QA Certification?

Our QA provides a written confirmation of a formal Quality Assurance process in the form of a  Certificate issued by an independent, approved, and accredited body – ISL.

The QA certificate assures that your organisation’s quality control management system meets and complies with the requirements of the internationally recognised standard.

ISL can provide tailored, ITOL-accredited and sector-specific QA assessments of your pool of linguists!

Our language testing is conducted against a range of stringent assessment criteria and can be modified to whichever sector suits your needs most.

By implementing our Linguist QA system, your will be able to:

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You can rely on ISL to deliver outstanding service and quality thanks to our seals of approval from internationally-recognised organisations representing quality benchmarks in the industry!

ITOL Accreditation

Our ITOL accreditation acts as an International benchmark and quality-assurance of our training and qualifications offered to linguists. It demonstrates our commitment to the highest quality of international standards and bespoke quality training.

ITOL adds value and credibility to ISL qualifications, courses and training. It also proves that ISL maintains suitable, high level and industry-approved standards.

ISO 9001 Standards

ISL has been awarded the ISO 9001 standards

ISO 22301 – Business Continuity  * ISO 27001 – Information Security * ISO 9001 – Quality Management

Meeting the ISO 9001 standards demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

The International Standard Organisation (ISO) an independent, non-governmental body gives world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

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