DPSI Unit 1 Practice Sessions x 10 (Role Plays)

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Contains 10 x authentic DPSI role plays

Practice your skills against original exam papers

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Are you preparing for DPSI Unit 1 or want to get a complete experience of what the Unit 1 consecutive interpreting assessment is really like?

Want to get AHEAD OF THE GAME and familiarise yourself with the role-play format and content?

Do you want the edge by having insider access to past exam papers?


If the answer to the above questions is YES, then buy this product and have immediate access to 10 x role-plays immediately. The DPSI Unit 1 examination is the assessment of consecutive interpreting skills in legal contexts. That may be a Police, or legal role play.

Many interpreters go into the exam without having had the opportunity to access resources like these and stumble due to lack of knowledge or preparation of the role play content and format.

This product contains 10 x role-plays in varying contexts meaning you can be sure to get a true feeling associated with what the assessment looks and feels like. Within the product is also an area for you to take notes of words and phrases that are unfamiliar to you so you can research and revise those words that you need, to ensure you reach the required pass mark.

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