E-learning: Dishonesty Offences

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ESSENTIAL for all POLICE interpreters!

You will learn:

  • terminology associated with DISHONESTY OFFENCES
  • the key legal definitions and Acts surrounding this offence
  • how to differentiate between the various elements of the offence


  • Get a comprehensive glossary containing key terms
  • Take a knowledge test and obtain a Certificate of Attendance!

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How comfortable are you with terminology and legislation when it comes to ‘DISHONESTY OFFENCES’?

Do you ever feel out of your depth in a police interview?

Have you considered not accepting an assignment as you’re not quite 100% confident?

Are you terrified of the consequences of interpreting incorrectly?

There is no need to be worried! ISL have worked hard with INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS to put together brand new, state-of-the-art e-learning JUST FOR YOU!

The objective of this e-learning is:

  • To increase personal, professional and practical knowledge coupled with understanding terminology used in dishonesty offence investigations
  • To understand the interview terms used during the investigation
  • To accurately interpret, translate and demonstrate fluent use of terminology

The content in this e-learning course was created by Police personnel with significant experience of working with interpreters!

Course contents

  1. What is Dishonesty?
  2. Types of Dishonesty Offences
  3. Theft
  4. Burglary
  5. Fraud (including Benefit Fraud)
  6. Robbery
  7. Handling Stolen Goods
  8. Going Equipped for Theft
  9. Theft of a Motor Vehicle/Aggravated Vehicle Taking
  10. Vehicle Interference
  11. Making Off Without Payment
  12. Conclusion

PLUS – take a Knowledge Test and obtain a Certificate of Attendance!

You won’t find a more thorough and useful resource anywhere else!