E-learning: Well-being for Interpreters

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Brand new e-learning – ESSENTIAL for ALL interpreters!

You will learn:

  • why well-being is important
  • how to spot signs of threats to your well-being
  • how to improve your well-being


  • Take a knowledge test and obtain a Certificate of Attendance!

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Welcome to this Well-being for Interpreters e-learning course.

This course is designed to help interpreters understand why it is important for them to look after their personal well-being.

The aim of the course is to fully prepare interpreters on why well-being is important, how to spot potential threats to their wellbeing and where they can turn to if they need any help and support.

Course content:


  • Module 1 – An Introduction to Well-being
  • Module 2 – How Your Well-being Can Be Affected
  • Module 3 – Recognising the Warning Signs
  • Module 4 – Boost Your Well-being
  • Module 5 – Support
  • Module 6 – Interpreter Scenarios

PLUS – take a Knowledge Test and obtain a Certificate of Attendance!

You won’t find a more thorough and useful resource anywhere else!