Group Level 6 DPSI (Law) Preparation Course

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Looking for a group DPSI preparation course?

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  • high-quality group DPSI preparation course
  • small group of no more than 6 learners per intake
  • one-to-one tuition with Language Specialist
  • review of your work with a language specialist
    plus lots of additional resources and preparation material!

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Do you want to reach the ‘gold standard’ in interpreting qualifications and achieve the DPSI qualification?

Do you learn best in a group (remote classroom) setting, where you can share ideas with other students?

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Course structure:

This is a 10-week group DPSI preparation course, consisting of:

  • 8 group DPSI preparation lessons with an experienced tutor; each lesson lasts 90min and takes place remotely once a week
  • 2 FREE language-specific lessons with a qualified Language Specialist; each session with a Language Specialist lasts 60min and takes place remotely once a week

The next group sessions will begin in September 2024.

What is it?

Our specially tailored group DPSI preparation course is an 8-week course with additional FREE sessions with a Language Specialist.

At its’ core is a bundle of 8 focused sessions based around interpreting techniques (consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, sight translation, and draft written translation) and specialisms (police, court, prison & probation, and immigration) which are presented remotely by a highly skilled and qualified tutor to a small group of no more than 6 learners, once per week for 8 consecutive weeks. They consist of:

  • informative material
  • supporting documents and forms
  • key terminology
  • glossaries
  • the most important statements/phrases you will need to be familiar with

The specialism sessions are followed by 2 FREE sessions with a qualified and experienced language specialist, with whom you will complete:

  • role plays in DPSI-specific specialisms
  • a review of glossaries
  • verification of your understanding and interpretation of the key statements/phrases
  • feedback on your performance of interpreting/translation of excerpts during tutor sessions.

In addition, you will have access to:

  • downloadable e-books to support your learning and beyond
  • a bundle of 10 past papers for Unit 1, Unit 3 and Unit 5 of the DPSI exam
  • the scoring matrix for the DPSI exam, so you know what you will be assessed on when the time comes

Why do you need it?

Isn’t it much more appealing to be led through the preparation process by someone with a proven, successful tried-and-tested methodology? You need a group DPSI preparation course to support you in preparing for the DPSI exam in order to gain confidence in your own preparation capabilities and to increase your chances of passing the DPSI exam on the first attempt. Working as part of a team will make you feel comfortable in asking questions and sharing knowledge, yet the small size of the group will make sure that you never feel overlooked.

What will it avoid?

Do you really want to be wading through endless online resources, not knowing what is worthwhile and what’s a waste of time? By purchasing this course, you will avoid the uncertainty of not knowing whether you have all the necessary information and correct terminology in order to successfully pass the DPSI exam. You will also avoid dealing with stress over the quality of your exam preparation. Finally, you will not have to waste money on unnecessary exam re-sits, which may happen if you are under-prepared.

What will it help with?

The group DPSI preparation course will help provide you with the materials, knowledge and glossary needed for a pass mark in the DPSI exam – all in a structured and coherent manner. In addition, the language support sessions will help perfect your use of terminology, provide guidance on any unclear areas and enable you to get involved in role plays (utilising the consecutive and simultaneous interpreting techniques). You will be able to look forward to the DPSI exam, rather than dreading it, knowing you’ve done your absolute maximum in your preparations.  The wealth of knowledge provided by the tutor, coupled with 1 to 1 sessions with the language specialist and the debates and discussions within the group will ensure you enter the DPSI exam clear-headed, focused and full of certainty.

What can you do if you get this?

By choosing to undertake our group DPSI preparation course, you will be giving yourself the best chance of performing to the best of your ability during the DPSI exam. By completing this Level 6 qualification paired with our group DPSI preparation course, not only will you be able to work within the ‘law’ settings; you will also have sufficient knowledge about the characteristics, main figures and key concepts in each setting to ensure that when you walk into that courtroom/custody suite/prison cell for the first time, you will feel confident, comfortable and ready to successfully fulfil the role of a professional interpreter.

Can you afford to miss out? Don’t delay – BOOK NOW and start your professional interpreting journey TODAY!

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