Level 6 Practice: Legal Role Plays (Audio: EN – EN)

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Contains 5 x DPSI Exam level audio role plays

Real-life audio role-play simulation with space for you to interpret

Great for skill-building and exam preparation

When it comes to preparation and practice for your DPSI exam, you want to know exactly what the types of conversations you’ll experience in the exam entail. This product does exactly that. It contains 5 AUDIO ROLE PLAYS produced to allow you the interpret as the product plays giving you ‘valuable experience’ and familiarity with DPSI unit 1 exam content.

The sessions in the product are:

  1. Police Traffic Officer questioning a driver who has been stopped and does not have valid identification.
  2. Police Interview with a suspect who has been issuing threats to kill
  3. Police Interview with a suspect who has been charged with unlawful entry to a property and I.D theft
  4. Police Interview with a suspect who has been arrested on suspicion of driving over the legal prescribed alcohol limit
  5. Immigration interview with an individual who has failed to disclose previous convictions on their visa application

Each role-play is designed with you in mind providing you space to interpret at the same rate and speed as the conversation would flow.

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