Criminal Offence Workshop Reviews

Welcome to the reviews page of ‘Criminal Offences Workshops’, a set of live interactive webinars delivered by police learning expert, Martyn Mordecai.

These events are available exclusively to Expert Bundle subscribers. Subscribers will have the opportunity to experience an interactive topical session around specific offences and processes, in order to prepare you for police interpreting assignments. We are running two/three sessions per month (a total of 48 per year) on 14 highly relevant topics. You can find all the session headings in the Events Calendar.

Martyn Mordecai is a highly experienced trainer and former police officer. He spent over a decade in the Metropolitan Police in various Operational posts, including the Firearms Unit and Diplomatic Protection. Martyn has also served as Head of Training for the Police Federation of England and Wales, delivering training to over 2000 individuals. Currently, Martyn works as a trainer for Driver Education, delivering various National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme Courses and Drink/Drive Rehabilitation Courses.

See some feedback from attendees below:

‘I thought the session with Martyn and the rest of the interpreters was brilliant! In our job we don’t really get to see anybody or share experiences with other interpreters, so I really enjoyed that part of the session. Also, having someone like Martyn sharing his knowledge was fantastic as we can’t really ask that kind of questions when we are interpreting.’ – Gemma

‘I really enjoy learning and I think it is best to be prepared for all kind situations that may arise during assignments. During Martyn’s webinar, I realized that my previously prepared glossary on traffic offenses was quite flimsy; it is easy to get lost and miss essential points without guidance. Martyn was to the point and guided us through the relevant legislation and procedures. I loved how he emphasized and clarified critical aspects like what being “in charge” means with vivid scenarios, made easy to miss terms like “public place” clear and, of course, made sure we don’t forget the UK legal limits for alcohol. Martyn’s passion and call for this profession cannot go unnoticed. I am really looking forward to the following sessions.’ – Larisa

‘First of all I want to thank the ISL team for organising these sessions. Although I am an experienced interpreter I feel that brushing up on the knowledge it’s always important. I enjoyed yesterday session on drink driving. I don’t drive so I found the session very informative. It was clear and to the point.  I did the tests and I got 100%. A big thank you to Martin from me ?.’ – Gonxhe

‘I loved Martyn’s energy, his way of delivering information, how engaged he was in the conversation – it felt nothing like the webinars I’m used to. I’m really looking forward to listening to Martyn’s webinars in the future. It was worth getting the Expert Bundle just for this experience! I am preparing for the DPI exam and those webinars seem to be a perfect tool, especially that with such a passionate speaker it’s easier to remember facts, figures and everything else that’s useful. Massive thanks!’ – Dominika

‘Spot on, fantastic lecture – more please!’ – John

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