Personal Language Specialist Tutoring Sessions – 3 hours

£180.00 inc. VAT

  • 3 x 60min remote sessions with a qualified Language Specialist
  • Access to past exam papers to provide material for sessions
  • Feedback, advice and guidance on language, terminology and glossary

Prepare for your exam, practice role plays and learn the correct phrases for use in interpreting assignments!

Are you preparing for an exam, but feel you could use practice sessions with someone who speaks the same language as you?

Are you struggling to come up with the most suitable phrases for key terminology in your language?

Would you like to get guidance and support from a qualified and experienced interpreter?

Then look no further!


What are the Personal Language Specialist Tutoring Sessions?

We can now offer you a bundle of sessions with a fully qualified, highly experienced native speaker! The language specialist can tailor their support to your needs, helping you complete:

  • role plays in DPSI-specific specialisms
  • glossary-building sessions to help develop your skills for Level 3, Level 4 or Level 6 portfolio-based qualifications
  • a review of key terminology associated with Level 3/ Level 4/ Level 6 settings
  • past exam papers to base your sessions around
  • verification of your understanding and interpretation of key statements/phrases
  • feedback on your performance of interpreting/translation of excerpts during tutor sessions.

Isn’t it much more appealing to be supported through the preparation process by someone with experience in the interpreting field and knowledge of the language?


What will it avoid?

By purchasing these sessions, you will avoid the uncertainty of not knowing whether you have all the necessary information and correct terminology in order to successfully pass examinations associated with interpreting qualifications.


What will it help with?

The Language Specialist sessions will help provide you with the materials, knowledge and glossary needed for a pass mark any interpreting assessment – all in a structured and coherent manner. In addition, the language support sessions will help perfect your use of terminology, provide guidance on any unclear areas and enable you to get involved in role plays (utilising the consecutive and simultaneous interpreting techniques).


What can you do if you get this?

By choosing to utilise our language specialist sessions, you will be giving yourself the best chance of performing to the best of your ability during your oral and written assessments.


What’s the next step?

  1. Purchase your lessons – choose 3 or 6 hours;
  2. Contact ISL with your language requirements;
  3. ISL will pair you up with a qualified and experienced Language Specialist and provide you both with material to practice with;
  4. Arrange you first session with the Language Specialist!

That’s all – only 4 simple steps stand between you and language-specific training!


So join us today and perfect your language skills!