Level 6 DPSI Full Exam plus Online Self-Study Preparation Course

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The DPSI is a nationally recognised qualification that is widely regarded as the Gold standard for Interpreters. It is accepted and requested nationwide by Interpreter clients and Language Service providers.

This product will enable you to purchase our FULL online self-study DPSI PREPARATION COURSE together with the DPSI EXAM.

*Certification fees apply

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Key details

  • This DPSI examination process is conducted remotely via Skype
  • Exams slots available every month
  • Register with NRPSI
  • Undertake partial DPSI units
  • Recognised and accepted by the Ministry of Justice
  • Equivalent to the Level 6 DCI qualification
  • Certification fee of £80 + VAT to be paid for certificate claim

Duration of the qualification:

  • 3 hour exam process

Method of Assessment

The Diploma in Public Service Interpreting is exam based. The total exam consists of five units. On the first day the learner will undertake a one hour exam for the oral assessments which will cover simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation to and from English. The following day the you will undertake a two hour written exam which will cover written translation to and from English.

You will be tested on a variety of topics in legal, police and immigration contexts. You will need to have access to a computer/laptop, web cam and the internet.

Results are usually received within 2 calendar months.

Who is this exam for?

The Level 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting demonstrates your level
of competence of working as an interpreter in complex settings. It is suitable for learners with the following profile:

  • Professional Interpreters requiring an accredited interpreting qualification to
    demonstrate their level of expertise
  • Interpreters who are required by the Ministry of Justice to have a full DPSI or partial units

Work Opportunities

The Level 6 will enable you to work as a professional interpreter in public service settings such as the following:

  • Police
  • Probation
  • Courts
  • Immigration
  • Prison

Certification and Awarding Body

TQUK secure e-certificate


Upon successfully passing the DPSI exam you can progress to other qualifications such as:

  • Level 7 Diploma in Translation


DPSI Online Preparation Course

This is an entirely on-line study resource, that you can access in your own time to help you to prepare for a DPSI examination.


DPSI Past Exam Papers x 10
DPSI Role Plays – consecutive and simultaneous
Sight Translation, and Written Translation to help you study
Online study resources to help you understand the legal system in the UK
Police, Prison and Probation, and Legal procedures resources.
Police Webinar on ‘Assault and Battery’ containing a glossary, ebook, and 60 mins of video content

Complete e-learning, webinars, glossaries, courses.