Dip Trans Mock Exam

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The DipTrans is a nationally recognised qualification that is accepted and requested nationwide by Translation clients and Language Service providers. Translators with this qualification provide a consistent high standard of Translation for commercial purposes.

This mock exam will enable you to test your skills and obtain constructive feedback, meaning that you can then progress to the Level 7 Diploma in Translation with certainty and confidence.

You will get the opportunity to:

  • sit a mock exam under real exam conditions,
  • obtain detailed written feedback from a qualified Language Specialist, AND
  • have a 30-minute remote conversation with the Language Specialist so you can review the results and obtain development tips

Do you want to reach the ‘gold standard’ in translation qualifications?

Are you looking for a way of testing your current skills and knowledge without running the risk of failing the exam?

Do you want to ensure that you do everything you can to set yourself up for success, rather than failure?

Then you certainly can’t afford to miss this opportunity!


What is it?

Our Diploma in Translation ‘mock’ exam is an unmissable opportunity to test out your current skills and knowledge and obtain detailed feedback in order to prepare yourself for the exam. You will sit 1 mock exam per unit (a total of 3 units). You will be given an opportunity to choose from the same specialisms as are offered at the time of the Diploma in Translation exam:

01 Written Translation of a General Text 
02 Written Translation of a Semi-specialised Text in a Technology, Business or Literature Context
03 Written Translation of a Semi-specialised Text in a Science, Social Science or Law context

You will then sit the mock exam under exam conditions. Exams are run once a month and you will be offered a date within 6-8 weeks of signing up. Your work will be marked by a qualified Language Specialist (subject to language availability and marking timeframe), who will provide you with written detailed feedback as well as a 30-minute phone call, in which you can review your assessment and gain further development tips for when you sit real exam.


Why do you need it?

Wouldn’t it put your mind at rest, being able to test your translation abilities without running the risk of failing the exam and losing your money? You need a ‘mock’ exam to support you in establishing your skill level before the Diploma in Translation exam. This will enable you to gain confidence in your own capabilities and guide your further development so as to increase your chances of passing the Diploma in Translation exam on the first attempt.


What will it avoid?

Going into any examination process blind, without having an idea of where your skills and weaknesses lie, is never a good idea. By purchasing this ‘mock’ exam, you will avoid the uncertainty of not knowing whether you have all the necessary information and correct terminology in order to successfully pass the Diploma in Translation exam. You will also avoid dealing with stress over the quality of your exam preparation. Finally, you will not have to waste money on unnecessary exam re-sits, which may happen if you are under-prepared.


What will it help with?

The Diploma in Translation mock exam will help provide you with an examination process under exam conditions – allowing you to experience the technology, systems and source material much as you would during a real Diploma in Translation exam. It will enable you to familiarise yourself with the processes and structure of the exam itself, taking away the worries of the ‘unknown’. In addition, the possibility of having your work marked and then obtaining detailed feedback, both written and oral, from a Language Specialist will provide an invaluable learning and development opportunity, guiding the direction of your further development. The elimination of nerves through a Mock exam will ensure that eventually you enter the Diploma in Translation exam clear-headed, focused and full of certainty.


What can you do if you get this?

By choosing to undertake our Diploma in Translation ‘mock’ exam, you will be giving yourself the best chance of performing to the best of your ability during the Diploma in Translation exam. Once you gain confidence in your translation skills and pass the Level 7 Diploma in Translation, you will be able to obtain extensive work as a qualified translator in your language, maximising your earning potential and setting you apart from the rest.


The Diploma in Translation mock exam can deliver you to your goal faster and with more certainty.

Can you afford to miss out? Book your Mock Exam today!