Mental Health Interpreting (Webinar, Forms and Glossary)

£22.50 inc. VAT

Learn about how to prepare for interpreting assignments in the mental health sector?

Gain access to the forms you will have to complete with your customer and glossary?

Learn about the different types of settings, key people to ensure you are fully prepared!

60 minute webinar recording, transcript, glossary, GAD-7 and PHQ9 forms all included

Are you a professional interpreter working in Mental Health settings?

Want to become familiar with the key terms, procedures, and settings associated with mental health assignments?

Do you feel you need more mental health ‘knowledge’ to feel more confident when providing your services?

Buy this webinar recording today and you’ll have access to information to fully support your journey into providing your services for clients with mental health challenges.


This session is delivered by Sobrina Solomon, a Level 6 interpreter with a background in mental health service provision. Sobrina has also been working as an interpreter in such settings for 6 years and provides you with a fantastic insight into the different types of treatments, places assignments are conducted, and most importantly WHAT TO EXPECT so you are prepared for helping customers in these settings.

You’ll gain invaluable insight into:

– Treatment types
– Key personnel
– The ‘triangle’
– Drugs and treatments
РPatient behavior 
– Patient paperwork to translate
…and much more

After hearing the information contained in this product you;ll feel ready and able to conduct your services without the surprises the mental health service area can bring to those interpreters who have not done their homework associated with this setting.