Second Jobs: A Trend That’s Here To Stay. So What Will YOU Do?

The Times recently ran a very interesting article under the headline ‘Working 9 to 5 then 5 to 9 — using a second job to beat inflation’.

The main message? ‘The number of people with multiple jobs has reached its highest level for 23 years.’ 

Surprising? Not really.

Anyone who’s been following the (or any) news over the last few years would have seen this coming. A pandemic, followed by a war on our doorstep, perfectly timed with a market crash, was only ever going to lead to one thing – the cost of living sky-rocketing and workers scrambling to help their wages keep up.

As the chart above shows, second jobs experience waves of popularity, very much linked to the state of the economy. 

So what can YOU do?

Let’s be honest – not all of us have the looks (or the stomach) for earning thousands on OnlyFans. Luckily, there are plenty of other sources of a second income.

For example, put together this list of ’22 Great Second Career Options To Consider’ and – guess what? ‘Translator’ made it to number 14!

Languages as a second career

To be honest, had it been our list to build, we would have placed translation and interpreting much higher. Naturally. Surely, it’s much more simple to become a translator or interpreter than it is to become a park ranger (pitched at number 12) or dental assistant (number 7). 

After all, there are only two things you need to get started as a translator or interpreter:

1 – knowledge of at least two languages; and

2 – a suitable qualification.

Luckily for you, we can provide number 2 if you have number 1!

Our Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting is the perfect entry-level qualification to get you working (and earning!) in less than three months. 

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Tempted? Then don’t delay!

With our 10% discount on all qualifications until the end of August, now is the perfect time for you to make that transition into working in (and with) languages!

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