An Ode To The Medical Interpreter

A poem for all the wonderful interpreters who dedicate their time to helping in hospitals and GP surgeries.

“Prescription for Laughter”

In the hospital’s labyrinth, where chaos abounds,

Interpreters work, with linguistic bounds.

From the waiting room to the doctor’s chair,

They navigate languages, with utmost care.

A patient arrives, lost in translation,

Their symptoms a curious combination.

The interpreter listens, with a puzzled frown,

As the doctor deciphers, up and down.

“I have a pain here, and a tickle there,

And my left foot feels like it’s in the air!”

The interpreter chuckles, trying to convey,

In medical terms, what they’re trying to say.

With diagrams drawn and gestures wild,

Interpreting medical talk, with a smile.

From x-rays to blood tests, they translate the scene,

In the world of medicine, where the language is keen.

So here’s to the interpreters, with wit so bright,

In the medical maze, they shed light.

With language as their scalpel, and humor their aid,

They navigate the chaos, unafraid!

(ChatGPT, 2024)

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